This image shows the power of a community in
ritual prayer. Here the community is Native
American. Four people, two women and two
men, stand in a sacred circle with their feet at
each of the four corners of a square inscribed  
within it. A square inside a circle is a mandala
and appears in cultures worldwide. According to
the psychologist Carl G. Jung, the mandala
which symbolically connects the energies of
Heaven and Earth is an emblem of healing. The
square is divided into four parts, each governed
by an animal representing a Native American
clan. Even though all four people come from
different clans they stand united in the circle of
nations as one day I hope we all will be united
despite the differences in our clans of origin.
Seven moons appear in the sky above, indicating
that all time is in a simultaneous now. Although
prayer elevates the ritual into a timeless realm,
the road leading to and from the circle shows
that timelessness is accessible by paths in our
daily life.
Graphite, pastel, and water color on paper, 28 x 40 in.
and also as an
Archival print, work in progress