Acrylic on canvas, 28 x 22 in.
and also as an
Archival print available in multiple sizes
Osiris, an ancient Egyptian deity associated
with both the sun and the moon, is a god of
death and rebirth. In this image, I have
portrayed him as a Native American because
I believe that all cultures share a common
ground. The ancient Egyptians saw both the
sun and the moon as symbols of death and
resurrection. The moon has a twenty-eight
day cycle in which it appears, disappears, and
appears once more. After the sun dips below
the horizon each day it rises again the next
morning. In this image, the skeletal foot of
the dying deity is seen walking away on the
lower left.  In the center, dancing after him
playing a flute is the new young god, and on
the upper right Osiris enters, full grown and
radiant. Osiris, who symbolizes the trials of
life, is both a symbol of perseverance in the
face of difficulties and the inner resurrections
that come to us as the result of our
challenges. The Jungian analyst, Marion
Goodman, called life a series of birth canals.