Two separate photos of women from different
Native American tribes inspired this work. The
woman on the left is a Menominee from Wisconsin
and the woman on the right is a Delaware from
Oklahoma. It is unlikely they ever met but to me
they form a pair, one angry and the other joyful.
This gives the work a humorous quality despite its
serious message that all our thoughts arise from
the same undifferentiated ground of being, seen
here as the darkness that connects the seemingly
separate landscapes on which they stand. The
physicist David Bohm called this underlying
existence a great ocean of energy that gives forth
the matter of our material world. It is the zero
point field in physics and the mother of all things in
the phenomenal world. Psychologically we mirror
generation from an underlying existence because
our unconscious mind is our internal zero point field
and we each create our own emotional reality. We
can respond positively or negatively to any
situation and are also capable of modulating our
responses, realizing the actions we choose shape
our lives.
Graphite on paper, 30 x 40 in.
and also as an
Archival print, work in progress