Oil on canvas, 82 x 57 in.
and also as an
Archival print available in multiple sizes
The burdened traveler is all of us with
our roads to travel and our loads to
bear. Here, he has just come from a
narrow bridge into a garden, but his
path continues. The image refers to
quotes from the Old Testament, Psalms
5:9, “Make thy way straight before my
face,” and from the New Testament,
Matthew 7:14, “Straight is the gate and
narrow is the way which leadeth unto
life, and few there be that find it.” The
bird flying near him is a psychopomp, a
guide for the soul, and looking up at
him from the side of the road is a red
salamander. An ancient alchemical
symbol, the salamander was believed to
be able to withstand fire and come out
intact, like a transforming individual
who goes through crises and emerges