Oil on canvas, 50 x 58 in.
This work depicts the stages of life: infancy,
puberty, motherhood (cat and kittens), and old
age in the form of a circle to show the cyclical
nature of the wheel of existence.  The cycles of
life are also symbolized by the moon, which
goes through phases each month and is
associated with regeneration and the feminine.
The girl in the long yellow dress is taken from a
photo of me in childhood when I was a flower
girl at a wedding. The three female human
figures in this painting form the Triple Goddess,
a cross-cultural archetype of transformation
associated with the cycles of life and the moon.
The infant holds a butterfly kite, which connects
her to the older woman through a golden cord
and there are also butterflies on the shoes of
the girl in the yellow dress. The butterfly is a
symbol of transformation because it emerges
from its caterpillar’s chrysalis transformed. In
the center of the circle is an evergreen tree
representing constancy because it remains
green, while the bird symbolizes spirit, revealing
that with all of life’s changes, there are still