Oil on canvas, 56 x 48 in. and also as an
Archival print available in multiple sizes
The image in Travelogues is inspired by
Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, which
says that in certain instances time can curve
and even form a loop. At intersection of the
loop, it is theoretically possible to meet
yourself at another point in time. The German
philosopher Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
appears to have had this experience. In his
auto-biography Goethe wrote that while
traveling to Drusenheim he saw himself in his
mind’s eye coming toward him down the road
but wearing clothes he didn’t recognize. Eight
years later Goethe was at the exact same point
on the road but this time, he was coming from
Drusenheim and realized that he was wearing
the clothes he had previously seen but had not
recognized years ago. The theoretical physicist
Hsiung Tze, Ph.D. says the figure in this work
looks like the mathematician Kurt Gödel
meeting himself in time. He notes that Gödel
created a closed time-like loop solution to
Einstein's theory of general relativity and also
wore the same kind of hat. Other people have
looked at this work and found solace because
the man in the painting represents all of us.
Like him, we too can persevere. If our buttons
are gone or useless, we can hold our coats
closed. If we have no gloves, we warm one
hand with another. The important thing is to
keep going – it doesn’t snow forever.