Archival print available in multiple sizes
The image, which symbolizes life as a
journey of perseverance, is based on a
photograph of my mother Sara and my
uncle Jack when they were children
growing up in New York City. As you can
see the pony has been made almost
invisible, detected only by a faint outline
and the shadow it casts. Invisible, it
becomes a spirit horse, what the Chinese
call a horse of the wind. In the distance,
the children and the horse are seen again
at another stage of their journey. The
work shows time to be all of one piece
rather than just a series of vanishing
moments. Time, as the fourth dimension,
becomes an existing availability like the
three dimensions of length, width, and
height. It too, is a physical plane on which
the children and the horse traverse and
inspires the title, Planar Time.