Graphite and pastel on paper, c. 28.5 x 41.25 in., Private Collection
and also as an
Archival print available in multiple sizes
There are good times and there are difficult
times. These different periods are symbolized
by little girls on a seesaw, sometimes up and
sometimes down. Good times can be in
ascendence like the little girls in white
dresses, but the little girls in dark dresses will
also have their turn. The title of this work, Yin
and Yang, refers to the Chinese symbol
showing inherent fluctuations in the universe.
The Yin and Yang is a circle composed of dark
and light areas. But there is dark in the light
area of the circle and light in the dark area.
Nothing is total light or total darkness. On the
little girls, there are shadows in the white
dresses and highlights in the black dresses.
Dark and light contain aspects of each other.