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After I make a work of art it seems to leave me
and have a life of its own like the birds radiating
out from the body of the little girl. The creative
process comes from the unconscious which is
constantly producing new material,  similar in ways
to the zero point energy field in quantum physics.
This lowest energy state of a system is also called
its ground state. Yet at zero point energy a system
continues to create particles. Even in the vacuum
of space particles are continually being produced
and reabsorbed. This ceaseless creation of parti-
cles in the underlying field is like the constant
activity of our unconscious mind, which is our own
internal zero point energy field.

I would like to thank the theoretical physicist
Hsiung Tze, Ph.D. for the equations in this image
concerning zero point energy and the vacuum of
space. He explains them as follows: “The first
equation is for the zero-point energy for a group of
N free harmonic oscillators (or springs) of intrinsic
the frequency
woi. . The second equation is a
statement of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Relation
which leads to the existence of a zero point
energy. The third equation is a particular case of
Einstein’s field equations in his Theory of General
Relativity. It is the basic equation describing Big
Bang Cosmology. The quantity
A  , called the
cosmological constant, denotes an energy density
of empty space, the vacuum, and from the
observational viewpoint determines the fate of our
expanding universe.”