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Walls Become Doorways
Psychology of Art
About Tobi Zausner, PhD, LCSW
Dr. Tobi Zausner is a research psychologist,
a clinician in private practice, and an
award-winning visual artist with works in
major museums and in private collections
around the world. Dr. Zausner writes and
lectures widely on psychology and human
potential at academic conferences and
charitable events, while teaching at Saybrook
University. She is also an officer on the
Board of A.C.T.S (Arts, Crafts, and Theatre
Safety), a non-profit organization
investigating health hazards in the arts. Her
book, When Walls Become Doorways:
Creativity and the Transforming Illness, is
about the influence of physical illness on the
creative process of visual artists. It shows
that instead of stopping artists, physical
difficulties transform them, enhancing both
their life and their work. Dr. Zausner speaks
from experience. In 1989, she was
diagnosed with a very aggressive type of
ovarian cancer and her doctor did not think
she would last a year. But she recovered and
her life transformed for the better. A native
New Yorker and an avid reader and walker,
Dr. Zausner wishes there were more trees,
grass, and hills in New York City.